301 Update – 10.24.09

Sat, Oct 24, 2009

Architecture, Construction, Workplace

Much to report, and getting very close to the wrap. Well, closer. Still some items on the to-do list but we can now see the light at the end of the hallway. Here are some things taking shape:

Communal sink and stand – They did a great job on the cabinet/stand for the giant sink. Looking nice. Some hardware, a few river rocks, and we can wash our hands…bigsink

Bar & Kitchen – Matt Decell and crew have most of the main elements are roughed in. Still to come is the large “cover” and the long bar that extends from the wet bar….barandkitchen

Colors – Most of the walls that are going to be painted are painted. Orange, green, charcoal, blue and grey are the picks….orangebath

Mezz – They final were able to pull away the platform wood and drip cloths from the beams…so you can see from the work area up and out to the patio deck….kinglounge

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