*UPDATED – A Taste of Concrete

Tue, May 5, 2009


During the construction process, we’ve mentioned we have set up cameras to do time lapse of the construction. We’ll eventually string all the shots together from start to finish of the project, but this is a first glimpse of some work to the Gunnite walls early on in the project. Unfortunately we didn’t capture the actual spraying, except for some of the touch up work you’ll see mid-way thru this video. This spans 7 days at the space, taking shots every 1/2 hr, but also drops snapshots when the light is low (i.e. at night when no work is being done).

New Video!

Not only is the sped up video great for seeing the work come together in a compressed timeframe, but it also allows us to capture some of the “gems” that we may have missed on the job-site… like the following one taken from one frame found in this video.


Keep an eye out… we’ll be plugging in more videos of some of the other construction as we continue rolling forward.

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