Final Push

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

Construction, Engineering, Interiors

On the one month anniversary of our last post (!)…and just over a year since the first post (!!), perhaps one of the final construction posts. I’ve said this before, but the end is now, really, in sight. Perhaps 2 weeks even.

Things got stalled for awhile as we had to figure out a solution to plumbing issue. Basically, not enough water pressure getting upstairs. So, the final answer was to run a bigger pipe from the street into the building. Apple, us and the future rooftop tenant will now have all the pressure we need. The city had to install a new meter on Liberty St., and now we’re doing final plumbing. Then comes inspection, and then….hopefully…final CO and move in. Could be an April Fools celebration.

Some of the additions in the past month:

Lots of small touches – painting, finish work, the hallway of horrors (you’ll have to see to appreciate), light installation and more. Basically grinding down the punch list.

Final lighting picks and installation – some new hanging pendants, lights above the bar, etc.

The Cape Buffalo – we adopted this from our office above Lucky Brand. Not sure where he or she came from or who snuffed him or her out, but we’ve become attached. It’s now mounted on the wall over what will be a restaurant booth.

Exterior Signs – along with painted ghost sign at the top, we developed some street level signage to help people find us at 301B King.

A few more posts to come as we wrap up plumbing, get inspections, and figure out where to place the work stations.

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