More History of 301 King

Tue, Apr 28, 2009


Matt and Richie (Seamar builder team) shared some of the building history they were able to uncover, including a few cool images and ads. And now we share with you.

A great shot of the front of Karl Karesh Men’s Wear at 301 King…circa 1973.

An ad for Taylor’s Men’s Wear from the 1940 Charleston City Directory (early form of Google?).

A Sanborn Fire Map from 1928 showing the property lines and building footprints (I think…hard to really tell…but it is King and Liberty).

And finally, a 1905 Charleston City Directory ad for Clarke Photography.

Note – we’ll update the previous post of tenants/dates with this new info.

2 Responses to “More History of 301 King”

  1. Billy Karesh says:

    When I worked at my father’s store, one of the salesman who also previously worked for Taylor’s told me a story that you some of you might enjoy. I can not be sure of its true origin, but I always tell it as if it was true:

    Mr. Taylor frequently hired College of Charleston students and recent graduates. One evening around closing time, while the staff were straightening up and getting the men’s store ready for the next morning, Mr. Taylor handed a broom to one of these recent grads and asked him to sweep the floor.

    The young man returned a look of great surprise and said, “I’m sorry Mr. Taylor, but I’m a college graduate.”

    Mr. Taylor responded, “My apologies,” withdrew the offer of the broom and said, “Let me show you how to do it.”

    Billy Karesh

  2. Robert says:

    Billy, that’s a great story. Thanks for sharing and I’d like to catch up and hear more about your father’s store. Plus, you need to stop by for a tour.

    Best, RP