Roof Framing for Mezzanine & Outside Deck

Tue, May 19, 2009

Construction, Engineering

Here’s some time lapse of the framing that was done for the new roof that will take over the area for the mezzanine. As previously discussed, the new roof gets framed in sections. Then the old roof is taken off, leaving us with a flat roof that opens up from the mezzanine level inside.

Meanwhile on the inside, columns come down from the ones outside, tying together to further enhance the structural stability. Hopefully these two views give a good representation of how this will shape up.

Unfortunately we’re still waiting on the weather to improve before this gets started. For the most part, these pieces were done quicker than our time lapse really wanted to handle. That’s speedy work!

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  1. roberto says:

    top video would make a touching short about two lonely ladders trying to make a connection.