Roof Structure

Dropped by 301 King yesterday for a quick visit. The space is coming together fast – the bathrooms are completely framed out in steel and the finish work has been completed on the gunite.

Today marks a big day in the process. As the plans show, the roof towards the front of the building is going to be elevated up 45 degrees to allow for sunlight as well as access to the future roof deck. To make that happen, a 50-80ft steel beam is getting craned in from the sky. Liberty street will be closed off for the better portion of the day while a massive machine hoists this critical piece of infrastructure into place.

Above is a photo of the roof as it existed on 4/27/09. Imagine a large beam running from the highest point of the right side back towards the camera, and metal supports running horizontally that fit into place to allow for a new roof to be fashioned over the elevated section. The other side of the existing roof will remain intact, though both sides will now be painted white to increase energy efficiency and keep the downstairs areas nice and cool.

We also installed a time-lapse camera on the far side of the roof to capture the entire installation process. Check back for that video once we retrieve the camera in the coming weeks.

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