Sheet Rocking

Tue, Aug 18, 2009



Been awhile since the last update. Sorry ’bout that…..July/August has been busy with a mix of work and vacation and we haven’t been able to stick to the updates. Also, while progress rolls forward, it’s not the “major” stuff that’s fun to post/share. In the past weeks we’ve been making a million smaller decisions on lighting picks, confirming our flooring approach (looks like we’re going with wood floors throughout…except for maybe the first floor entry), working through details like handrails and wall surfaces, and very importantly discussing ideas/options for how to organize the work stations (an open topic….deserves a separate post).

But one exciting event of the past week is all the sheetrock that went up on the front area ceiling. That’s the section where we raised the roof to fit in the mezzanine, and seeing the white sheet rock above and on the far wall really opens the place up…and lightens things up. We can wait until the glass wall goes in which will flood the place with light (should be first week of September…will all go in at once).

Will try to follow up on a more frequent basis in the coming weeks. Still hoping for a late Sep or early Oct move in. But we’ll see.

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