301 Update – 11.14.09

Sun, Nov 15, 2009


We’ve been slow on the updates as of late….busy cranking out some sites and other virtual world projects. But thanks to Seamar, KHA and crew, things are progressing nicely. We may be 3-4 weeks away from move in….but who’s counting weeks?

Here’s a short list of things checked off the “to do” list…

Main Floors – with two more coats of poly, the floors will be done. The wood was left in its natural color, and it looks great. Here’s a shot of the upstairs lobby area…


Stage/Mezzanine Floors – The stage was stained a bit darker to contrast with the main floors..and to match some darker wood that’s used in the bar/kitchen cabinets. The stage now flows to the stairs (also a darker wood that came from the old beams in the space) that go up to the mezzanine (new wood, similar to the main floors). Here’s a shot of that stage flooring…


Outdoor Patio/Deck – It’s all done, and may be the best feature in the space. I think we’ll be spending some quality time out there.

Bathrooms – The giant communal sink is in (the stand/cabinet that supports it was also milled from re-used, old beams from the space), and the bathrooms are getting closer with tiling and toilets in. It feels a bit spa like in there.

HVAC Ducts – We chose to go with fabric/soft duct for a number of reasons (less material used, more flexibility, cost savings, etc.) and they started appearing this weekend. Right below is a shot of the duct work in the back area…it looks pretty cool. Like the tail end of an airplane. When pumping air they fill up like a jump castle.


Other – Railings are going in, lighting is being prepped, the painters are gearing up for final coats and we have final designs for the long bar and kitchen area ceiling treatment. Wait until you see that….should be interesting.

Now we need to get down to business and start thinking about furniture, or we’ll be working on the floor while sitting on pillows.

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