The Long Road Home

Fri, Mar 13, 2009



We like to think that interactive development has many parallels with the architecture and building trades. The discovery process, experiential design, project management, collaborative teamwork, and more. But nothing we do on a daily basis prepared us for the adventure of finding and locking down a permanent home. The design and construction are cake and cookies by comparison.

It took over 3 years to find the right space. While we hopped from temporary home to temporary home, we searched for a downtown space that offered an open floorplate, proximity to all the things we like (bars and restaurants, mainly), a live-work possibility, and of course a fair price.

We literally looked at everything. In every corner of the city. Properties on the market, and properties off. We’re a bit picky, so it was like finding the preverbal needle in the haystack.

Adding to challenge was the fact that during this time period most rough/undeveloped loft space was being courted by developers looking to build more high-end condos. They pushed the market and prices into orbit…until it all came crashing down. From their chaos came our opportunity.

Once we found the right space, we then had to endure a year’s worth of discussion, negotiation and delay until we could get formally hitched. So many hurdles to jump along the way that come from those on the periphery of the transaction…not the actual seller/buyer. But thanks to the efforts of many we prevailed and closed earlier this past Wednesday.

I guess as we look back on the process the search and closing effort really isn’t that different from our daily reality either…..it just takes a lot longer. Sometimes we get to endure a long search process and lots of negotiation. But it never seems to last more than a few weeks…..as compared to a few years. We now have even more respect and admiration for our friends in the architecture and development world.

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