Long Wait Continues

Wed, Feb 24, 2010

Construction, Interiors

Not much to report, other than an extended wait on wrapping up final items before move in. The biggest of which is a plumbing issue to resolve…turns out that we need a bigger pipe running water into the building. Nice to find that out now, instead of at the start. Anyway, that would should begin in the next day or so and I hope not take too long to complete. After that fix, the final painting and details can be knocked out. So close, but still not home yet.

Matt Decell delivered the desks he made….here’s a pic without their tops. We need to determine the best layout for the desks.

All the lighting is in the house, with just a few final items to install. The bar top should be going back up today or tomorrow as the underlighting will be finished and the onyx insert installed. News signs were also installed in front (above the door).

Other items to complete in the coming week or three…

– Finish design/prints for backlit boards that run along the stairway wall.
– Finish the runway lighting and video monitors that run along an exit corridor.
– Matt Decell to drop off the ping pong table he made (also working as a conference table).
– Finalize a pool table selection (also serves as a conference table).
– Work on set up for all speakers, projectors, screens around the space.
– Final painting/detail.
– Do a massive final clean up.

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