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Mon, Mar 23, 2009

History, Location

We’ve had one of our amazing interns scouring the city for historic information about 301 King. So far, we’ve dug up multiple photos of the general area; though we’re still searching for the holy grail of a confirmed direct shot of our building. The above photo is particularly interesting as it shows our old home on King & Wentworth (the cupola in the upper-left corner) as well as a King Street that apparently went one-way north.

Thanks to the Seamar building team history report, and our good friends at Historic Charleston, here is a list of the most recent tenants of 301 King, as found in the Old Codgers’ Charleston Address Book, 1900-1999 and other documentations:

1858 Approximate year built
1859 – 1883 W.H. Boring (imports of segars)
1879 – 1883 Thomas G. Vince (dry goods and retail)
1884 – 1889 Tine Ware and Tin Shop
1890 – 1898 JA LePrince House Furnishings
1899 – 1917 Robert Teskey (groceries), W.D. Clarke, The Photographer
1918 – 19(31-37) Clarke’s Studio, American Meat Market
1938 – 1939 The Clarke Studio, Dixie Food Market, Claude S. Latimer (dentist)
1940 – 1949 Taylor’s Men’s Wear
1950 – 1967 Taylor’s Mens’s Wear, Freeman Charleston Shoes Inc.
1968 – 1972 Taylor’s Men’s Wear, Century Realty Company
1973 – 1991 Karl Karesh Men’s Wear
1992 – 1993 Simple Charleston Gifts, The RSVP Shop, Made To Measure Shirts
1994 – 1995 The RSVP Shop
1996 – 1999 Grannies Goodies

and now in the 21st century…

2000 – 2007 Cumberland’s (music club/bar/restaurant), Grannies Goodies
2008 Apple (first floor)
2009 Blue Ion (second floor)

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